4th International Workshop on Key Enabling Technologies for Digital Factories (KET4DF) 2022


Key Enabling Technologies for Digital Factories

6-10 June 2022, Leuven, Belgium

The manufacturing industry is entering a new digital era in which advanced information systems and especially (big) data-driven methods and Artificial Intelligence techniques allow companies to move beyond distributed and supervisory control systems to support significant operational improvements and allow dynamic adaptability.

Moreover, human-centered trustworthy AI systems provide the ability to augment human work and extend human capabilities in order to solve problems and achieve goals that were unreachable by either humans or machines alone. Such efforts may allow the manufacturing industry in the post-COVID to “go back to normal” and optimize, scale and ensure their processes and services towards a circular and resilient economy.

The goal of this workshop is to attract high quality research papers focusing on advanced information systems for digital factories and smart manufacturing.

The workshop is in conjuction with the 34th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems EngineeringCAiSE 2022