8 steps towards Industrial AI: a practical webinar for managers

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8 steps towards Industrial AI: a practical webinar for managers

Nov 11th and Nov 18th 2021 – 09:00 a.m. (PST) Online event

This session is meant to empower you with knowledge and tools to succeed in AI

Are you willing to implement AI in your organization

Don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’ve tried and failed?

This practical session will help you:

  • establish and clarify your understanding of AI core concepts,
  • learn about the best AI use-cases in your industry,
  • understand what 5 areas should be managed within an AI project,
  • set up your next actions towards your goal.

During the session, we will cover 8 steps and topics:

  • “What is AI?”, “How does AI work?, and “What can and can’t AI do?
  • The most popular AI use cases in manufacturing.
  • How to spot a feasible and valuable AI use-case that relates to your needs
  • How to estimate AI projects and evaluate ROI? The cost structure.
  • Assessment, PoC, Pilot – The major phases of an AI project’s life cycle.
  • What can go wrong? The main risks in AI projects.
  • Success or failure? Terminate or continue? Setting the right acceptance criteria.
  • Scaling challenges. How to go beyond a PoC?
  • Who can benefit from this session?

If you’re a manager or director striving to make the most out of AI, and you work in one of these industries:

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverages
  • Electronics & Semiconductors
  • Logistics & Supply Chain