October 2021

11 Benefits of AI in Manufacturing

Many are the benefits of AI technology, within the manufacturing process, that can revolutionize the sector, thanks to the application of digital technologies within data analysis, research, development, production processes and supply chains.

The Artificial Intelligence introduces opportunities to transform a factory in a safer, greener, faster, high performance environment, in a perfectly functioning smart manufacturing company .

11 benefits of AI technology in an AI improved factory

Manufacturing is the one field that is more suited to the application of AI technology, earning benefits ranging from downtime and production cost reduction, improvement in product quality, up to the desirable zeroing of any possible defects in production and quality.

The Artificial Intelligence technologies can help to:

  1. detect production defects, during the production processes, allowing to correct possible critical issues and defects, without interrupting the production line and to intervene promptly to resolve those problems that could cause significant damage in terms of costs and time
  2. validate the quality assurance, paying particular attention to the quality of the productions
  3. satisfy changes in demand in real time, being able to promptly intervene on production programs and modify them accordingly to need changes
  4. allow greater customization, adapting to small, unique type of productions, without interfering with the routine schedule
  5. reduce downtime and costs, having a perfectly controlled and efficient system and a detailed strategic organization
  6. enable production processes optimization through high-quality automation that is strategically, safely and constantly under control
  7. equip the machinery with a safe, green production capacity that will be longer over time, with faster production rates, when necessary, and without unwanted shut-downs
  8. create generative design, using algorithms that propose alternative design solutions, to meet new market needs.
  9. reduce CO2 emissions into the environment, contributing to the protection of our planet
  10. make possible the conservation of excess energy and its future reuse, on demand
  11. enable workers to reach a high level of performance and professional competence, becoming more qualified

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence for the market of tomorrow

Artificial intelligence is a smart technology that is able to understand, learn and reason by reprocessing the data received and return new ideas and outputs, reducing by far the probability of mistakes and critical issues, managing to optimize production programs, times and costs.

Precisely for this reason AI makes possible, within the industry and beyond, to implement a restructuring intervention that will bring benefits and improvements without comparison.

In short, the benefits of technology will take the smart factory towards efficiency, quality excellence, safety, time and cost downsizing and optimization of all the production and managerial tasks smart manufacturing factories of the future.