Cognitive Automation Platform (CAP) towards the Digital Transformation

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December 3rd , 2022

A Cognitive Automation Platform (CAP) towards the Digital Transformation.

Let’s learn something about a project that works for the development of a cognitive automation platform and for the promotion of the digital transformation of the European industry towards the Industry 4.0 era.

About the name

CAPRI: Cognitive Automation Platform for European PRocess Industry digital transformation.

CAPRI brings cognitive solutions to the Process Industry by developing, testing and experimenting an innovative Cognitive Automation Platform (CAP) towards the Digital Transformation. To this end, CAPRI enables cognitive tools that provide existing process industries flexibility of operation, improving the performance across different indicators (KPIs) and state of the art quality control of its products and intermediate flows.

The Capri project

The project will demonstrate its applicability in the key process industries of Asphalt (minerals), Pharma industry (chemical) and Steel (Billets & Bars).

CAPRI project will develop and promote digital transformation through a Cognitive Automation Platform (CAP) involving a Reference Architecture with four levels of cognitive human-machine interaction and a set of reference implementations both commercial and open source. This Cognitive Automation Platform will coordinate a set of specific cognitive solutions at the various levels of functional organization of the automation (from planning to sensors).

The Capri Objectives

The Process Industry transforms raw material feedstock into intermediate and end-user products. Thus, it represents the starting of almost all value chains.

CAPRI tries to deliver a series of challenges that Process Industry faces such as: Feedstock Variations, Energy Efficiency, Flexibility, Traceability, Energy and Raw Materials and Quality, by developing and testing Cognitive solutions technology interacting with the CAP platform.

The Capri Pilots and Use Cases

CAPRI brings Cognitive Solutions to every key manufacturing stage and addresses the Process Industry challenges in three complementary industrial use cases belonging to minerals, chemical and steel sectors.

The CAP will be modular and scalable, so that advanced applications could be developed and integrated on top of it and its validation will take place addressing manufacturing challenges in industrial operational environments of three outstanding process sectors:

  • ASPHALT (minerals), Global cognitive solution for Asphalt concrete manufacturing – EIFFAGE
  • STEEL MAKING, Cognitive Production Management for Steel Bars by Digital Integration of Product and Process Information – SIDENOR
  • PHARMA INDUSTRY (chemical), Pharmaceutical manufacturing process for tablets – AMS PHARMARCPE

The Capri Consortium

The Consortium is composed by 12 partners across 7 European countries. A strong, experienced, and interdisciplinary cluster of research institutes and organisations, SMEs and process industry companies that will contribute to the approach and achieve the objectives of the project.

This article has been extracted and freely adapted from the Capri EU project website