Digital Innovation for Artificial Intelligence -DIH4AI Project


Digital Innovation Hubs for Artificial Intelligence

On Nov 9th 2021 / 09:30 – 13:00 / Online

Digital Innovation Hubs for Artificial Intelligence: collaborative schemes supporting the digital transformation and cutting-edge experimentation

This is the first of a series of events to present the DIH4AI Project and to engage with key actors in the DIHs’ and AI ecosystem with the aim to improve future collaboration and foster synergies.

The event will start off with a focus on the current AI landscape from a regulatory point of view, linking it to the role of EDIHs in supporting the implementation of the high-level strategy. New tools and methodologies to classify services and enable collaboration developed by different EU projects will be presented, along with case studies and sharing of the lessons learnt.

Through their experience, speakers will point out major challenges and opportunities of building solid collaboration schemes. The discussion will focus on how to boost synergies among all key actors of the AI EU landscape at an ecosystem level and explore the potential of enhancing innovation by strengthening the DIH AI network.