Ethical and Legal Issues of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing- Video

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We invite you to watch the AI-MAN WORKSHOP, which was held, online, on November 25th, 2021.

The workshop is part of the AI-MAN project cluster (ICT-38) on AI in Manufacturing.

Ethical and Legal Issues of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend to this excellent workshop on AI ethics and trustworthy AI organized by the H2020 cluster of projects on AI in Manufacturing including our STAR EU Project coordinated by Infrasoft.

The workshop is co-organized with the EU ICT-38 Projects community, and will also host a speech by Celine Castets-Renard (ANITI), titled “AI EU Act, Legal Issues and implications on Coala”.
Thanks to Celine for her kind availability and to WP8 team for endorsing the initiative.

This workshop was the second of a series, aimed to share learning about specific topics of the ICT 38 projects developments in AI and Manufacturing.


14:00 – 14:05

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14:35 -14:50

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15:35 – 16:00

Introduction to the Workshop

“Ethics by Design in the AI-Proficient Project”, Marc Anderson and Karen Fort, H2020 PROFICIENT Project

“Artificial lawyer – collecting and using data for certain legal issues related to manufacturing” Dr. Raphael Thomas Prabucki, H2020 MAS4AI Project

“AI in Manufacturing, that Works. The Symbiosis of Functionals & Non-Functionals as Main Success Factor”, Arthur van der Wees, H2020 STAR Project

“Developing a human centric architecture for AI in manufacturing – experiences, insights, challenges”, Jan-Hendrik Passoth and Benedict Lang, H2020 ASSISTANT Project

“AI EU Act, Legal Issues, and Implications on COALA Project”, Celine Castets-Renard, H2020 COALA Project

“Comparing the EU and Japanese Legal and Ethical Approaches to AI for Manufacturing”, Dr Andrew A. Adams, Centre for Business Information Ethics, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan, H2020 EU-Japn.AI

Discussion – Questions – Answers