Explainable Artificial Intelligence In Manufacturing Workshop


We invite you to watch the AI-MAN WORKSHOP, which was held, online, on October 11th, 2021.

Online workshop co-organized by the AI-MAN cluster of projects on AI in Manufacturing, including our #H2020 STAR, coordinated by #intrasoft and moderated by John Soldatos.

Great online Workshop on Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) organized by John Soldatos within AI-MAN (ICT-38) Project cluster, with contribution by John himself,  XMANAI – EU Project (Fenareti LampathakiASSISTANT Project-H2020 and Knowledge EU Project with the support of COALA Your Factory Assistant EU Project.

AI is a set of applications that provide insights and suggestions, useful for creating more value for industries in general, and in manufacturing specifically: the plants will work in a safer, more flexible and greener way (reducing CO2 and storing and reusing surplus energy), becoming more reliable and optimized in production and product quality and, consequently, more profitable.

Furthermore, Industrial AI, as an engine of operational excellence, will facilitate the transition and implementation to the new business models that will be necessary to engage to be able to compete in this sector and in order to bring European industry to the highest levels of prestige, global excellence and competitiveness of the future.