How We Can Build Trustworthy AI

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How We Can Build Trustworthy AI

Developers need to understand public concerns over the development of AI systems. There have been many reported instances where developers neglected these warnings and created AI systems that went rogue. For instance, Microsoft had developed an AI-powered tweet bot that spontaneously started posting offensive and racist tweets. Such AI systems, if used for critical applications, may pose a great threat to humanity. Hence, tech giants and developers must analyze various issues with AI safety with AI and focus on building trustworthy AI systems.

Analyzing the trust issues with AI

It is highly likely that the negative implications of AI will not be as bad as sci-fi movies and books depict. However, the possible negative consequences of AI can still pose significant threats to the human race. Experts have discussed consequences like losing jobs to AI, where humans may soon be replaced by AI in various roles. The competence of AI can already be witnessed in different industries such as healthcare, retail, aviation, manufacturing, and many more as AI-enabled applications have transformed and streamlined various business procedures. Hence, well-established businesses are leveraging AI for automating core tasks. For instance, Goldman Sachs had replaced almost 600 traders with AI-powered robots. Likewise, a majority of customer service jobs are now handled by AI-enabled chatbots. Hence, people are concerned about AI taking over jobs in just about every industry.

by Naveen Joshi – July 30th, 2019

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