Intelligent Cognitive Assistants in Manufacturing


Tuesday, 11 July 2023  –  14:00 – 15:30 CEST


The event is a unique opportunity to hear directly from the COALA project partners about Lessons Learned and Ethical Considerations from Implementing Intelligent Cognitive Assistants in Manufacturing Use Case

Intensive knowledge sharing between workers is critical for the efficient and effective operation of complex manufacturing processes. Especially the transfer of tacit knowledge on how workers perform their tasks and their understanding of how a machine works to others, specifically novice workers, can be time and resource intensive.

COALA Digital Intelligent Assistant (DIA) implements artificial intelligence to support workers in production. It consists of a conversational user interface, allowing interaction with workers by voice or text and generating a visualization of shop floor data.

In this workshop, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges of capturing workers’ knowledge efficiently and how implementing a Digital Intelligent Assistant can help them to share their knowledge and improve their task performance.

Coala workshop speakers

COALA Partners Evangelos Niforantos is a Computer Scientist and Assistant Professor at the Sustainable Design Engineering department of IDE, TU Delft. His research focuses on designing and developing AI systems that augment human perception and cognition. In the COALA project, TU Delft has developed the “Cognitive Advisor”, with dedicated human-assisted AI methods for enabling transfer of tacit knowledge of experts to novice workers.

Nicholas Asher is the Scientific Director of ANITI. He specialises in formal models of language, specifically in models for semantics, pragmatics, discourse and dialogue, using tools from logic, category theory and game theory. Areas of expertise: Natural Language Processing (NLP), formal semantics and pragmatics, discourse structure and lexical semantics. In the COALA project, ANITI has developed the “WHY Engine” for digital assistants and contributed to essential AI ethics and standardisation.

Moreover, a demonstration of COALA cognitive assistant capabilities, how it interacts with the users, how it provides cognitive support on the shop floor and supports on-the-job training will be presented in this workshop.

This online workshop is free of charge and dedicated to people who want to see a concrete implementation of AI assistance technology in a real business case. It is interactive, where you can ask questions to the expert panel, and we are happy to receive your feedback on the COALA solution.