Machine Learning in Industry 4.0



Machine Learning in Industry 4.0 is a 5-days interactive online training, especially designed for professionals (such as engineers and other technical professionals, as well as students) interested in the basic theory of Machine Learning (ML) (for example, theory on the ML landscape, support vector machines, decision trees etc.), but who would also like to learn about Deep Learning and its practical application with solving a classification or regression model problem.

By the end of the training the participants will be able to understand the basic concepts of Machine Learning and its application to the Manufacturing and Industry context. The training is interactive with application of real case examples across all days.

Organised by EIT Manufacturing CLC East in cooperation with EuroCC Austria,  VSC Research Center (TU Wien) and Know-Center
Language: English 
Location: Zoom
Price: 360 EUR/person

EIT Manufacturing and EuroCC experts will present the upcoming Machine Learning in Industry 4.0 online training and answer your questions regarding programme, fees, training requirements, and many more!

The presentation will include a short introduction on machine learning and its application in industry 4.0. You will meet our expert trainers and developers and will be able to ask questions about the topic and the online training.


  • Introduction with EIT Manufacturing East and EuroCC Austria
  • Machine Learning introduction with EuroCC experts
  • Presentation of the Machine Learning in Industry 4.0 online training
  • Q&A.

Course organisers / contacts

Monika Primozic (Education Developer at EIT Manufacturing CLC East)

Simeon Harrison (Trainer at EuroCC Austria and VSC)