Star interactive AI co-creation workshop


12 April 2023

STAR is a joint effort of 15 European partners towards designing new technologies to enable the deployment of standard-based secure, safe, reliable and trusted human centric AI systems in manufacturing environment. STAR aims to research, develop, validate and make available to the community leading-edge AI technologies including explainable AI, active learning systems, simulated reality systems, human-centric digital twins, advanced reinforcement learning techniques and cyber-defense mechanisms, thus becoming a catalyst for the deployment of advanced AI systems in the manufacturing shop-floor.
STAR is funded under the EU Horizon 2020 programme.


STAR had really busy, but exciting days in Drachten, the Netherlands!

On April 4th, STAR had its General Assembly in the Philips Drachten premises. This was an opportunity for the partners to meet up physically and discuss the achievements of the project so far and the next steps that should be done to reach the project targets. Based on the works presented by the Work Package and Task leaders, the project marks significant progress, while the efforts in the last months will be put towards the finalisation and evaluation of Pilot activities, the final deployment of STAR platform, further reinforcement of the market platform that integrates the project’s results, as well as intense dissemination and appropriate exploitation of these results.

Next to the General Assembly three internal workshops took place on 4th and 5th April in the same site. Each workshop was dedicated to each of the three STAR Pilots and concentrated on the presentation and discussion on the Use Cases and the respective Techno-Economic and Socio-Economic evaluation criteria.

Enabling and evaluating safe, secure, and ethical AI in manufacturing.

STAR interactive AI co-creation workshop “Enabling and evaluating Safe, Secure and Ethical AI in manufacturing” followed on Wednesday 5th of April and gathered more than 40 experts and interested in the field attendees. The event was co-organised by the STAR partners, Philips and the University of Groningen, as well as the Innovation Cluster Drachten and the AI Hub North Netherlands.

STAR was briefly presented by the project’s coordination team. Then the discussion was focused on the two topics:

How to involve the Human in the Loop: practical tips, interactive use and demonstration of STAR AI tools in manufacturing uses cases
How to approach the assessment of human-centric AI systems in manufacturing.
We were pleased to notice great interest of the participants to the topics presented and discussed and to the project’s achievements in general.

During the workshop also an exhibition was hold with 5 stands presenting tools developed in STAR:

  • Quality inspection and Active Learning,
  • STAR Risk Assessment Engine and Security Manager,
  • Video Analytics and Reinforcement Learning for AMR’s,
  • Workers Training Platform for continuous training and
  • Human Digital Twins in Collaborative Robotics Applications

where interested participants could see demos and discuss with the STAR partners about the specific functionalities.

This content has been extracted from STAR EU Website.