Towards a Circular Rotating Blade Wear Assessment Digital Twin for Manufacturing Lines


by Kerman López de Calle; Eider Garate Perez; Aitor Arnaiz

April 2022


Circular blades are well known in sawmills and other fabrication sites such as tyre industries. The cutting process produces wear on the blades which gradually decreases the quality of the goods being cut, and, eventually, it might cause the stoppage of the production line. At the same time, assessing the wear of the blades to avoid these quality losses and breakdowns is not easy, as there are many factors affecting the cutting process and the direct inspection of wear is not practical.

This work proposes the development of a Digital Twin that is linked to the manufacturing line. The twin includes a wear model that is based on the data generated in the line, and, hence, it can be used to identify the wear status of the blade as well as to prognose the development of that wear based on future cutting schedules.